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We design, manufacture and install any kind of sign. 

Saul Signs is a local custom signs provider for business and institutions looking to make a lasting impression and stand out from the competition. We offer comprehensive solutions covering every detail of the project, from concept and design to execution.

Our comprehensive signage services are underpinned by a passion for excellence and affordability. We understand the pivotal role that signage plays in establishing and reinforcing a business’s presence and identity. As such, we take immense pride in our ability to offer professional, top-tier signage solutions that also align with budgetary considerations. Our belief is that a strong visual presence should be accessible to businesses of all sizes, and we’re here to ensure that it is.

Whether your needs encompass attention-grabbing indoor displays designed to captivate and engage your customers or robust, weather-resistant outdoor signage geared towards promoting your business on a grand scale, our adept team is well-prepared to cater to your exact requirements. We view each project as an opportunity to contribute to Miami’s dynamic business landscape, leaving a lasting impact on its visual identity and the success of the enterprising community it represents.

Our mission transcends the mere creation of signs; it’s about fostering growth, bolstering brand recognition, and facilitating connections. We’re not just in the business of signage; we’re in the business of elevating other businesses, and we’re proud to be a vital part of Miami’s ever-evolving narrative.


Our legal experts ensure compliance with local regulations and codes for legal sign permits. When suggesting materials, dimensions and the style of your sign, we will do so thinking about your needs and your brand, but also the regulations in your area. Saul Signs not only performs the permitting procedures but develops projects that comply with the laws from the beginning, guaranteeing a simple and fast path to sign approval.


When it comes to communicating a message, promoting a brand or an event, few things are as effective as a well-designed sign. We will not only design a simple sign, but the one you really need, because we will study your audience, your brand and your needs. Our signage will bring your vision to reality and accompany you to success.


At Saul Signs we pride ourselves on having top-notch sign manufacturing to make any design a reality, even the most demanding one, but that's just the beginning. We have a highly experienced manufacturers team and we only work with quality materials, to ensure that the poster we create exceeds your expectations, and your clients expectations as well.


Trust our specialized sign installation services to put your brand in the center of attention in the city or attract the eyes of your customers inside your business. Regardless of the size or location of the sign, an experienced team will work with precision and speed so that your sign meets the objective for which it was created: surprise everyone.


We offer regular maintenance services to clean, inspect, and keep your sign in perfect condition as a guarantee of durability and continued effectiveness. Every sign we make lasts for years!, but proper inspection and maintenance will help protect your investment, save you money, and keep your brand looking professional.


We are ready to return your signs to their first day look. From repairing physical damage to replacing electrical components in illuminated signs and general repairs, you can trust us to restore your sign in no time, saving you thousands of dollars and maintaining an impeccable image for your business.

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