About us

Miami sign experts, since 1981

If you made it this far, you’ve already heard us say that “Nobody builds image like Saul Signs”. This is why.

Saul Signs is a leading signage company focused on empowering Miami and South Florida businesses by providing all types of custom signage solutions. We work with the premise that there is no sign impossible to build or business that we cannot help.

We put all our experience and effort into each project, with the certainty of creating the best signage solution for each occasion. Our core products include any type of indoor and outdoor signs with a wide range of options and materials. We work with the certainty that with your vision and our support, success is guaranteed.

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Empowering the business community and the image of Miami through professional and affordable signage services.


Becoming a leading sign retailer for Florida, making the state a visual inspiration with signs that combine technology and creativity to leave a memorable mark


Integrity, Reliability, Deliver what’s promised, Sell only what the client really needs, Aim for 100% client satisfaction


Our History

How it all started

Since the founding of Saul Signs in 1981 by the young married couple of Saul and Leida Hernández, we have shared your passion for business and have explored how to better connect companies, business and service providers with their community and their clients. Thanks to this we defined a clear objective: to merge creativity and technical excellence with the ideas of each client to create unique signs that transcend the ordinary.

Saul Signs began as a modest signage provider and it has evolved since then along with Florida and the huge community of entrepreneurs and businesses that have grown here. This was how the small warehouse became a larger factory and then the modern facility in which we design and manufacture many of the signs in Florida that identify the city and our people nowadays.

We have witnessed the evolution of the city and local businesses and have been privileged to be part of their growth and success.

42 years later…

We are supported by the most advanced, state-of-the-art computerized production equipment, the latest printing technology, all necessary transportation, assembly and installation equipment and highly-qualified staff, but that’s just the beginning.

We understand that every project is a journey to communicate your vision through the art of signage. That’s why we handle everything for you, from consultation to sign design, manufacturing, installation, maintenance and repair of signs, and we take care of the sign permitting procedures.

In addition to our experience and friendly customer service we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and we work with the premise that you will only pay for what you really need. We work to offer the best possible custom sign solution for every business.

Got an idea for your business sign?

Got an idea for your business sign?

We offer custom signage solutions to help your business grow! Let us know what you want us to work on.