Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

This website (www.saulsigns.com) is owned and operated by Saul Signs (henceforth called “we”, “us”, “Saul Signs” or “the provider”).

General terms

The Terms and Conditions set forth below describe the terms applicable to the content and services offered on this website.

The website and its services are freely accessible, unless otherwise specified.

We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions from time to time if needed, without any obligation to inform the user, and it is the user’s responsibility to look through them often to stay up to the date on the topic.

If the user does not agree with any of these conditions or refuses to respect them, the user must refrain from using the page.

Related to use

The use of this website must always be done responsibly and in accordance with current legislation, with respect in all cases for intellectual property rights.

The use of this website requires the age of majority, as well as sufficient legal capacity according to current legislation to bind it by these Conditions.

The use of this website implies acceptance of all of these Conditions and the rules described throughout this document and you understand and agree that you are bound by them.

The user of this website agrees

To use the website in good faith, in accordance with the law, morality, good customs and what is stated in this text.

To make appropriate use of the services and content of this site and not to use them to spread content contrary to law or public order, including but not limited to violent, xenophobic, pornographic, racist or criminal content.

Not to try to access the data of other users or to restricted areas of the computer systems that support this site or of third parties that are shown here, and not to extract information.

Not to violate the intellectual or industrial property rights of Saul Signs or third parties and not to violate the confidentiality of the information.

Not to impersonate the identity of another user or public administrations, or third parties.

Not to collect information for advertising purposes or send advertising or communications for the purpose of sale or commercial nature without prior request or consent of the provider.

Not to reproduce or distribute the contents of the website to use them on their behalf or on behalf of third parties, without the proper authorization of Saul Signs or that is legally permitted.

The user also

Is obliged not to use this site for illegal purposes or contrary to what is established here.

Guarantees to be providing current, authentic and complete data to the provider and will be solely responsible for the statements and false or inaccurate information given.

Undertakes not to carry out reverse engineering actions on the page or the systems to which they have access, or on the elements or services associated with it.

Undertakes not to attempt actions of any kind that may alter, interfere, interrupt the operation or generate damage or errors on the website, its data, or its physical and logical systems of the provider.

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