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Sign Company Miami: What to look for when you are sign shopping

Have you decided that you need to find a sign company in Miami? There are lots of such companies, but some are definitely better than others. When you’re purchasing your signs, you’ll want to make sure that you are getting the best quality products at the greatest value possible, and choosing the right company will ensure this. 

So here’s what to look for when you are shopping for your signs.

Why you might need a commercial sign company

If you run a business, whether that be a multinational corporation, or a small business in South Florida (like us!) you may need to hire a commercial sign company.

There are several reasons for this. Maybe you just need a bright, popping sign to let your customers know that you’re there. Perhaps you have some special deals to advertise. Or maybe you want to use a commercial sign on the inside of your company, to inspire and motivate your staff. 

Let’s look at a few instances when you might need a commercial sign company, and exactly where you can find these services!

You need to display your business name

This is quite an obvious one, but definitely worth mentioning – every customer-orientated business needs a sign displaying their business name. Channel letter signs are very popular when advertising your brand name, as they feature block letters and can be illuminated.

However, other types of signs can be equally popular. Fabric storefront signs and plywood storefront signs are attached to the building at one side and jut out. These are really eye-catching for people who are walking down the road, and are great for smaller businesses who might not have as much recognition yet. 

Awning signs consist of fabric or wood jutting out from the storefront, with the store or business name on the side. These can provide shelter or shade for customers, enticing them into the store. Alternatively, if you are walking down Flagler Street in Miami, you might notice many businesses use metal lettering on their storefront. 

There are so many different ways you can display your business name, but you’ll definitely want to use a commercial sign company to ensure that the name comes across professionally.

You have products and services to advertise

So, you’ve got the name of your company on a nice shiny sign, making sure that anyone who walks past knows what your company is. But what is your unique selling point, and how are you going to make that known to prospective customers? 

This is the time to think about additional signs for advertising. Most popular is the sandwich board sign, which admittedly, can be done independently. However, if you want something more popping and professional, it’s a great idea to use a commercial sign company to create a more professional looking advertisement sign. 

Another advertisement possibility is a pylon sign. These signs have long poles that can extend high, catching the eye of people driving along a highway or doing similar activities. These are great for businesses who operate roadside and have some extra things to advertise. 

You need to display information within a business

If your business sees many customers entering and needing directions, you may need to use a commercial sign company to create signs to direct them around the place. For example, if you have a restaurant and need to signify where the W.C. is, you’ll want to get a professional sign made. 

The more informative signs that you have, the more likely customers are to use your business again in the future, so investing in as many as possible is a really good idea. 

You need to signify something to your employees

If you are running an office in downtown Miami, signs could still come in very useful, even if you don’t have any members of the public. You might still want informational signs directing your employees to the W.C, coffee machine, and photocopying area.

Another use of signs could be for motivation and inspiration. Hiring a commercial sign company to make creations featuring meaningful quotes or inspirational words could be exactly what your office needs – providing a personable office atmosphere and giving customers the extra nudge that they need to work extra hard!

In Conclusion

If you have a small business, you need to see what a commercial sign company can do for you. At SaulSigns, we provide commercial signs for businesses all over South Florida including Miami, Broward, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and further afield. Click here for more information and get your first quote today!

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