The ultimate guide for reception signs and lobby signs for business

The ultimate guide for reception signs and lobby signs for business

Prevent your clients from getting bored in your lobby. In fact, see how to use reception signs for lobbies to reinforce your brand and surprise those who visit you.

Wow, the title of the article may have surprised you, but it is not pretentious or misleading, in this short text we want to approach a type of posters that many businesses still do not use despite their importance. These are the signs for reception and lobby. For many, using the company’s logo is enough, but there are many more things that can be done with these posters to ensure that communication with your customers is more effective and makes the most of the first impression.

That is why, in this post, we will talk about how to make an excellent first impression with eye-catching reception signs in your lobby. We will also comment, at the request of several customers, what types of posters are the most used in receptions, waiting areas or lobbies.

How to leave a lasting impression with reception signs for lobbies?

Lobby and reception signs are key elements in creating a memorable impression on your business visitors. These signals not only serve as a practical guide for visitors, but are also a powerful marketing and branding tool. Here are 5 tips to impress those who visit you.

Make sure the sign has a professional and attractive design
The aesthetics of your posters is fundamental. A professional and attractive design immediately communicates that your business values quality and detail attention. Use colors and sources that are in line with your brand identity for visual coherence.
Take advantage of custom signs
Try to include the logo of your company and add elements that make the poster, like your business. In Saul Signs we are experts in poster customization, so our team can be in charge of creating a design with forms and colors suitable for your business and at the same time very striking to be difficult to forget.
Be concise in the information
Keep the information on your sign clear and concise. Indicate the location of the reception, contact numbers, attention schedules and any relevant information. Avoid overwhelming visitors with unnecessary details. If you change the schedules or any other relevant information, update the sign quickly, customers will appreciate it.
Think about the usefulness of lighted signs
Illuminated signs with well visible letters are a very good option for receptions and lobbies. Custom lighted letters and logo signs for indoors are good investments for business.
Take care of your brand coherence in all your signage
Keep a visual coherence in your lobby and reception posters, as well as in all of your business signs. This helps strengthen the identity of your brand and create a unified brand experience for visitors.

A few final words

Most of the time, your lobby signs will be the door to a pleased and confident customer of your services, all for the first unique and professional impression. Our recommendation is to create a cozy and modern environment combining different types of posters designed and manufactured by our team. With Saul Signs, you can surely get high-quality, attractive signage solutions for your reception and lobby area, turning it into a more welcoming environment.
Now that you know these details, do you dare to turn your reception or lobby into unique spaces with our signage?

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