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Bring your dreamed sign to life. We design, manufacture and install any kind of sign for Miami business.

About Us

Nobody builds image like Saul Signs

Forty years go by really quickly if we work on something we are passionate about. That’s something we have learned since the very founding of our company in 1981 by the young married couple of Saul and Leida Hernández.

Saul Signs began as a modest signage provider and it has evolved since then, along with Florida and the huge community of entrepreneurs and businesses that have grown here. This was how the small warehouse became a larger factory and then the modern facility in which we design and manufacture many of the signs in Florida that identify the city and our people nowadays.

A lot has happened since then, and four decades later, we feel we must give back to those who have trusted us. That’s the reason for our determination to pull all our skills and effort to serve the businesses and the community that saw us born and grow.

Do not be scared by the magnitude of the project you have in mind, nor do you think it’s impossible to carry out. If what you need is a creative solution and an experienced team to face the challenge, remember “nobody builds image like Saul Signs”.


Saul Signs’ mission is to live our mission statement, not just write one. Our core purpose is to build upon our solid foundation of quality and integrity in order to provide our clients with the best signage products in Miami and impeccable service.


Saul Signs’ vision is to become the leading sign retailer in the nation by supporting both our clients and employees through reciprocal allegiance. We will strive to facilitate the growth of this company by creating a lasting sentiment of complete satisfaction with our clients.


Honesty, Integrity, Reliability, Deliver What’s Promised, Sell Only What the Client Really Needs.

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Our Products

Recent projects

Take a look at our signage portfolio and check yourself: we deliver all kinds of signs for business in Miami.

Our Services

What can we do for you?

All-in-one. Saul Signs is a full service sign manufacturer.

sign design for business in miami

Sign Design

There’s only one way to ensure attention and get your message across to everyone: the right design of your business sign. Your ideas and the experience of our designers teaming up is all we need to create the best sign, one that makes a difference.

signs manufacture in miami

Sign Manufacturing

Our team will not only help you customize a bespoke sign for your needs but we will build it, using only high quality products and exceptional craftsmanship. We have all the sign manufacturing equipment and expertise to make the sign for your business a reality.

signs installation in miami

Sign Installation

Now that you have exactly the sign you need it’s time to install it. Sign installation might seem hard and it’s indeed a complicated process. Though, you might want to stay and watch how our team gets it done, we are professionals when it comes to business sign installation.

signs maintenance in miami

Sign Maintenance

Would you go into a store with a dirty, missing letters sign? Neither do your customers. Time and weather are natural enemies for signage and the best solution is regular sign maintenance. Cleaning, components replacing and sign paint touch is just the beginning of all we can do to extend the life of your sign and keep it looking good.

sign repair in miami

Sign Repair

No company will want to leave a damaged sign up in front of the business. The reason? No one wants their customer to see a neglected and shabby sign because the image of your sign is also the impression you give. Depending on your sign state a smart and also cheaper move instead of having another one made, is the sign repair, bringing it to its day-one look.

signs permitting in miami

Sign Permitting

Be sure that you have the right permission for your sign because if you don't, it can be removed. Sign permitting in Miami is as important as the design, manufacture and installation process. With decades of experience, we are very familiar with all ordinances and the sign permit process in Florida, we can get your back.


Clients usually ask

We are happy to help. For specific questions about your sign or project, contact us.

What type of signs does Saul Signs make?

Regardless of the magnitude of your project, at Saul Signs we can manufacture almost every kind of indoor or outdoor signage. Contact us and send us your ideas and we’ll discuss the best possible solution to see it done.

What’s the full process you follow to create my sign?

We do not only design and/or build signs. We go through a complete process starting with your idea and continuing with the design, the creation, the permitting and sign installation. It may also include the maintenance or repair, according to your interests and needs.

Do you do installation?

Yes, we do! We have a team of experts with decades of experience in sign installation.

How do I get a quote?

It’s as easy as emailing our team. Follow the instructions at our website or leave us a message to

My neon seems to be broken, can you fix it?

Not every issue can be fixed but we are confident that we can help most of the time after a proper diagnosis.

Should I hire sign repair or make a new one?

Depending on your expectations and the state of your sign, we can help you make a decision to start working on the project. Whether your sign can be restored or not, we can take care of repairing it or making a brand new one.

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Got an idea for your business sign? Call Saul

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Contact our team to take a look at the project and start working!


Contact our team to take a look at the project and start working!