Wayfinding sign for Aventura Mall

Wayfinding signs are essential for helping people navigate through large areas such as strip malls. In addition to ensuring its functionality, taking care of the aesthetics and choosing strategic places for its location, they will guarantee the effectiveness of the posters, and of course, the success of your business.

Pylon sign for The Ready Center

Imagine that your customers are in front of a gigantic pylon sign at the entrance of an impressive shopping center and can identify the brands and businesses they trust. They will surely come in!

Monument sign for Marina Cove

What better way to attract buyers and potential customers than a modern and impressive monument sign? This poster with great style and visual appeal is a powerful letter of introduction for the community of Marina Cove Harbor Village.

Monument sign for ICE

Government agencies and institutions have high standards that at Saul Signs we pride ourselves on meeting. Elegance and character were the keys to this impressive monument sign.

Channel letter sign for Amerijet

Capturing the essence of the company, taking advantage of space, going big… this custom channel letter sign shows that for the most demanding projects, you can trust us as your sign company.

Ceiling sign for Aromas del Perú

If one word describes the restaurant industry in Miami, it is culinary diversity, with cuisines from all over the world. Standing out through bright and attractive posters is vital in this competitive market.

Blade sign for The Youth Fair

Each establishment or business taking part in a fair or exhibition competes with hundreds of others to attract the public, therefore, having an attractive sign is essential.

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