What others don’t tell you: Pros and cons of blade signs

What others don’t tell you: Pros and cons of blade signs

Don’t let anyone scare you, this is everything you need to know about the pros and cons of blade signs before installing one in your business.

Blade signs, also known as projection signs, are a type of commercial sign widely used by businesses, due to their incredible potential to attract the attention of customers and passers-by effectively. These signs protrude perpendicularly from the walls of buildings or businesses and, without necessarily being too large, are visible from a considerable distance. You probably knew outdoor blade signs, yet, did you know that they are widely used indoors too? A good example are the wayfinding markers that owners mount perpendicular to the wall to point in the directions the visitors should follow.

At Saul Signs we offer a specialized design and manufacturing service of custom blade signs for all types of establishments, with a wide range of materials and shapes. In addition to being among the clients’ favorites, several of our designers have a predilection for these posters because they have a long and interesting history that we will be talking about at another time.

Pros and Cons of Blade Signs

Without further delay, let’s get to the point. What pros and cons should you consider before making a blade sign?

  • Aesthetic Impact: Blade Signs add a unique design element that stands out in the minds of consumers, making the business more memorable and easily identifiable.
  • Improved Visibility: By protruding from the building and positioned at an angle, Blade Signs are more visible to both pedestrians and drivers.
  • Consistent Identity: By incorporating elements of brand identity into the design, Blade Signs create a coherent and recognizable experience for customers.
  • Increased Foot Traffic: Visual appeal and efficient signage can attract more pedestrians to the business, potentially increasing sales.
  • High level of customization: They are highly customizable and can adapt to the brand identity and style of any business. This allows businesses to express their uniqueness and appeal to their target audience.

How many times have you seen on social media photos of people posing in front of good-looking blade signs? Each of those shared images is practically free advertising for your business, and that is more than welcome!

Using blade signs to make a difference

The richness of signage lies in the fact that each type of sign is more effective than the others depending on the circumstances. That is why finding your own style and creating signage solutions tailored to the specific needs of each business is so important. This is where our professionals do their thing. What sets apart our blade signs are the attention to every detail and the expert construction of sign solutions tailored to your needs. If you want a modern illuminated blade sign, we can take care of it, and if you want it to have a rustic or classic look, we can do that too!
Our team is excelse when it comes to create blade signs for business and establishments! Ready to take yours home?

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