Hanging Signs

Medium blade sign

…are a type of signage that is suspended from a structure or support, typically overhead. These signs can be found in various settings, including businesses, events, and public spaces. Hanging signs are often used for branding, advertising, or providing directional information. They can be made of various materials such as wood, metal, plastic, or fabric and can be customized to display logos, messages, or graphics. Hanging signs can help attract attention and guide people to specific areas or businesses within a larger space. They are commonly seen in retail stores, trade shows, restaurants, and outdoor events.

Storefront Signs

Commercial sign for stores

…are a category of signage specifically designed for businesses and shops. These signs are typically located on or near the front exterior of a retail establishment, restaurant, or store, and they are intended to identify the business, convey its branding, and attract customers. Storefront signs come in various forms, such as channel letters, window graphics, awnings, and hanging signs, and they play a crucial role in creating a recognizable and inviting presence for a business.

Blade Signs

Lightbox in blade sign

…also known as projecting signs or bracket signs, are typically mounted perpendicular to the building’s facade, extending outwards into the pedestrian walkway or street. These signs are often shaped like a blade or a flat, rectangular panel and are commonly used by businesses to attract attention from passersby. Blade signs are particularly useful for businesses located on streets with heavy foot traffic and can display the business name, logo, or other relevant information.

Wall Signs

3d wall sign indoor

…are a category of signage that is affixed to the exterior or interior walls of buildings. These signs are used for various purposes, including business identification, branding, advertising, and information display. Wall signs can come in different forms, such as painted signs, channel letters, banners, and digital displays, and they are an integral part of the visual identity of a business or organization.

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