Architectural Sheet Metal in Miami, FL

Architectural Sheet Metal Miami, FL

Architectural Sheet Metal in Miami, FL

What is Architectural Sheet Metal used for?

Architectural Sheet metal can be used for structural and decorative applications in architecture and design, including balustrades, facades, stairs and screens, and its characteristics allow for creativity with light, sound and visual depth. Architectural Sheet metal can be used to regulate light and ventilation within a space.

What is perforated metal cladding?

Cladding a building with perforated metal is a very effective way to enliven the facade of what would otherwise be a simple cubed structure. ... Large perforations allow more natural light to pass through the cladding, but still protect buildings that have large glazed elements from direct sunlight.

How is perforated architectural sheet metal made?

The most common answer to the question, "how is perforated metal made?" is with a Punching Press. ... Wide Punch Presses feature long rows of punching rams. When sheet metal, whether plate or coil, is passed through this machine, the rams descend upon the material to strike and perforate entire rows of holes in one motion

Saul Signs Can Can help Outfit Your Architetural Sheet Metal Needs?

Do you want your building or other architectural master piece to stand out from all the others? Well, Perforated Sheet metal on Architectural applications is the latest in adding a unique custom design element. Applications Include Interior Design elements, Exterior Design Elements, Facades, Walls, Lighting Elements, Ventilation, etc. Let our project managers here at Saul Signs help you design, create & manufacturer the custom architectural sheet metal vision of your dreams and make it a reality.