Wayfinding Signs

Wayfinding Signs

Posters that Facilitate Navigation and Improve the User Experience

Help your customers navigate easily within your venue

Orientation in complex spaces can be challenging. Wayfinding Signs are specifically designed to solve this problem. These signs guide people effectively, improving their experience and reducing confusion. Let us show you how they can be vital in environments where navigation is crucial.


A wayfinding sign is a specific type of sign designed to provide directional guidance and information to help people navigate through a physical environment, whether it’s a building, an event, a city or a business facility. Generally, wayfinding signs are used in spaces with more than one point of interest or destination, to locate the visitor and guide them. In addition, they are used to indicate the rules of a place and to offer important information. Wayfinding signs are an essential component of creating a user-friendly and efficient navigation experience for individuals, especially in complex or unfamiliar spaces. They are useful in both indoor and outdoor environments and should be clear and concise. Ideally, they should function as a comprehensive system, with several signs throughout the venue, to offer more effective communication. Wayfinding Signs can vary in design and format, including signs with text, pictograms, arrows, maps, graphs and visual elements that help convey information effectively and universally. In addition, their strategic location plays an essential role, since they must be placed at key points where people can easily see and use them. Wayfinding signs can include directional signs, interactive maps, and location signs. They are designed to be concise, ensuring that your visitors can efficiently reach their destination, while remaining attractive and eye-catching.

Wayfinding Signs


Branded experience for wayfinding: show your customers the way

How have you felt when you arrive at a place you don’t know and it is difficult to find what you are looking for? Would you return to that place? Answering those questions will help you understand why it is so important to create a wayfinding sign system so that your customers have the best possible user experience and return to your business. Saul Signs can help you best communicate concise instructions and make your customers feel confidently guided with custom wayfinding signs. We can design, build and install outdoor or indoor signs of various shapes, sizes and materials to suit your business, and no matter how many signs you need, the project will be finished with diligence and unmatched quality. If you have other signs installed, we can ensure consistency with your new signage and we will not only take care of the signage, we can also provide consulting to determine the best wayfinding solution for your specific needs. This is what working with an experienced and committed sign company looks like.

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