Types of Signs

Types of Signs

Breaking down the types of sign to decide the one you really need

In the exciting world of business signage, diversity is the norm, because commercial and business signage come in a wide variety of styles, sizes and their functions are many. Therefore, as important as deciding to make a sign is deciding which one your business really needs, because only then can the sign do its job and become an effective investment. Knowing how signs function, how to design it and where to place it will benefit your business to find out the sign that really fits your needs.

Signs by Function

What do you need your sign for specifically? Do you need an ambassador for your brand or a guide for your clients? A promotional sign or one that sets the environment of your business? The search for your sign starts here. We are going to guide you so that the sign we will manufacture for you is not only impressive in its design, but also responds to your needs, meets your expectations and also the expectations of your clients.

Signs by Location

Location is a crucial piece in the visual communication puzzle because success of your sign depends not only on what you say and how you say it, but also on where you will say it. From the exterior of your establishment and the entrance doors to the interior spaces such as the reception, lobby, offices and sales areas, here you will find the most useful types of signs in each space we can fabricate for your business, so that you can reinforce your brand and facilitate communication of your products to customers.

Signs by Placement

What will your sign be like? Will it be placed on a pole or pylon, perhaps on a monument sign or hanging? Combining designs and technologies allows you to create more effective communication in a unique and eye-catching sign that distinguishes your business.

Signs by Design and Structure

Surely you have heard about channel letters and pylon signs… but there is more, much more! We can create various types of signs that vary in shape, structure, technology and style to meet your needs. Each sign is unique precisely because it represents a unique brand and business, the challenge is to discover which one attracts you and your clients the most, we take care of the rest.

Signs by Lighting

Illuminated signs have burst into the world of communication with great impact due to their beauty and usefulness. The type of lighting you need depends on the effect you want to create and the environment in which you place the sign, which is why we invite you to explore the illuminated signs that we can create for your business

Your unique custom sign awaits.

Our team is ready to make your vision a reality and let your message shine with our signs. We are just a phone call away from turning what could be “a simple sign” into a statement of your identity. At Saul Signs we turn viewers into customers, the curious into followers, and the signs into a powerful asset of your business.

Your Vision, Your Sign: Crafted for Success

If you wish to customize your very own distinctive sign, feel free to do so. We’re fully prepared to craft one-of-a-kind signs that embody your vision and success! Behind every sign lies a narrative waiting to unfold and a style yearning to be revealed. Our team is here to bring your ideas to life and enhance your business’s visibility.

Got an idea for your business sign?

We offer custom signage solutions to help your business grow! Let us know what you want us to work on.