Totem Signs

Totem Signs

Totem Posters that Guide and Capture Attention

Totem Signs: Impactful Vertical Signage

Totem Signs” are vertical signs designed to guide your visitors and capture their attention in an impactful way. Let us show you how these signs are essential for effective signage.


“Totem Signs,” also known as totem signs, are freestanding vertical structures that act as visual and informational reference points in commercial, corporate or public environments. These signs are characterized by their height and vertical design, which often includes graphic information, logos, text and decorative elements. “Totem Signs” are erected in strategic locations to provide orientation, identification and promotion. The primary function of Totem Signs is to create a prominent visual presence, direct people to specific locations, offer relevant information and promote brand identity. These signs are particularly useful in environments where long-distance visibility is essential, such as shopping complexes, corporate campuses, theme parks, stadiums, and highway service areas. Totem Signs can be made from a variety of durable materials, such as metal, acrylic, glass, stone or concrete, and can be customized in terms of design, size and content. Some Totem Signs are illuminated, improving visibility at night or in low light conditions. In summary, “Totem Signs” are independent vertical structures that play a vital role in orientation, identification and promotion in a variety of environments. Their impressive height, long-distance visibility and customization capabilities make them an effective tool for guiding people and promoting brand identity in commercial, corporate and public places.

Totem Signs


Signing with Impact with 'Totem Signs'

Totem Signs are essential for vertical signage that guides your visitors and captures their attention effectively. By implementing them strategically, you can provide clear directions and create a lasting impression.
Ready to implement impactful vertical signage with “Totem Signs”? Let us help you design and implement totem signs that guide your visitors and stand out in your space. Contact us today to start your vertical signage project!

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