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Be sure that you have the right permission for your sign because if you don’t, it can be removed. Sign permitting in Miami is as important as the design, manufacture and installation process. With decades of experience, we are very familiar with all ordinances and the sign permit process in Florida, we can get your back.Can you imagine that after investing money designing and manufacturing your sign, you cannot install it because it does not comply with the laws of the city? To avoid that, our team faces the process of creating a sign as a whole, including the sign permitting service.Our team works diligently to guarantee that your sign is fabricated in accordance with all the codes and regulations required by your particular county.Saul Signs has decades of experience in dealing with the city of Miami and also pulling the right permits required to install a sign for your building. Having helped hundreds of businesses design, manufacture and install their custom signs, we know exactly what it takes to meet the area codes and ensure your sign is totally legal.

What will we do to complete your sign permitting?

Reviewing Applicable Regulations
Our Sign Permitting service commences with a comprehensive review of the regulations that pertain to your specific case. In this initial step, we delve into the local and municipal regulations, zoning laws, and permitting requirements relevant to your signage project. This diligent research ensures that we have a deep understanding of the legal framework that governs sign installations in your area.
Adjusting the Design to Specifications
The second step involves adapting the sign design to meet the specifications and guidelines outlined in the regulations. Our experienced team carefully evaluates the design to ensure it aligns seamlessly with the permitted parameters. We make necessary adjustments and modifications while preserving the essence of your original concept, ensuring that your sign complies with all necessary standards.
Completing Application Forms and Submission
Once the design has been refined to meet regulatory specifications, we move forward with the preparation of application forms and submissions. Our team assists you in completing all required documentation accurately and thoroughly. We take the responsibility of submitting these forms, ensuring that they are submitted promptly and in compliance with all administrative procedures.
Communicating Permit Notes and Instructions:
In the final step, we maintain open lines of communication with the permitting team. We convey any notes, instructions, or clarifications provided by the permitting authorities to ensure a smooth and successful permitting process. This proactive approach minimizes delays and complications, allowing for the efficient approval of your sign permit.
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By law, signs must meet city codes for size, materials, appearance, safety and more, and this is a challenge for many business owners, but our team can take care of it all. Our dedicated permitting services are suitable for every type of sign you can imagine, and we guarantee that your new sign will adhere to every local code, law, and regulationSign permitting in Miami may result in a complex and even confusing process, often time consuming. However, our experienced team has been through this hundreds of times and knows exactly what steps to take to ensure your application is swiftly approved.We can complete the permit application in the shortest possible time while the sign is being manufactured in our workshop.
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