Pylon Signs

Pylon Signs

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Pylon signs are free-standing vertical signage structures supported by at least one pole and usually of high height, used to highlight and promote businesses. They are often located outdoors, at the side of a road or street, displaying the business message. Pylon signs are highly visible and customizable, making them effective advertising tools. They typically display the company name or logo and information about services or products, and often include lighting to ensure they are visible both day and night. Being highly customizable, they are a great advertising tool that can set you apart from the competition and grab people’s attention. In fact, studies confirm that pylon signs were deemed to have high visibility and increased sales by 15%. At Saul Signs we know the importance of investing in visibility, thats why we deliver high -quality pylon signs tailored to fit your business or company identity and needs.


Pylon Signs are free-standing, vertical signage structures erected above the ground in commercial areas, highways and other prominent locations. These signs are characterized by their great height and vertical design, which allows them to be visible from long distances and stand out in the urban landscape. “Pylon Signs” are primarily used to direct the attention of drivers and pedestrians to businesses, shopping complexes or specific locations, as well as to strengthen brand identity. The main function of “Pylon Signs” is to provide orientation, identification and advertising. These signs typically display the names of businesses, shopping complexes, office centers, gas stations, hotels, and other locations. In addition to serving identification purposes, Pylon Signs may display contact information, logos, promotional messages, and advertisements for products or services. “Pylon Signs” are typically constructed of weather-resistant and durable materials, such as metal, acrylic, aluminum or steel, and can vary in size and shape. Many of these signs incorporate lighting, making them visible at night and in low light conditions. In summary, “Pylon Signs” are free-standing, high-rise signage structures used to provide wayfinding, identification and advertising in commercial and roadway environments. Their impressive height and visibility make them effective tools for directing customers to specific locations and increasing the brand presence of a business or location.

Pylon Signs


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When it comes to commercial signs for your business, few things can compete with the attention that custom pylon signs can guarantee. It doesn’t matter if you are a single business looking for a street-side, standalone pylon, or if you need a pylon sign for multiple businesses in one location, Saul Signs can help you design, fabricate, and install a custom pylon sign to fit your needs.We pride ourselves on having the latest technology and all the necessary tools for the fabrication and installation of almost any pylon sign. Single pole mount, twin pole mount, covered pole mount, customized lightbox pylon signs, we design, manufacture and install all of them.Our team has more than 40 years of experience manufacturing pylon signs with proven durability and great visual impact. From conceptual design to precise engineering and impeccable construction, we take care of every detail to ensure that your pylon sign is an authentic and captivating reflection of what your business stands for.Pylon Signs are much more than just signs, they are true monuments to your business vision. Our proposal is simple: we will manufacture the sign you need to project the essence of your brand to the entire city.
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