Channel letter for Madrag stores

Channel letter for Madrag stores

In a highly competitive environment like malls, channel letters on the storefront allow you to attract customers' attention and capture their curiosity, as is the case with this poster for a clothing and accessories store.


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Project description

Capturing the essence and style of the brand in a poster that attracts customers’ attention is vital to the success of the stores, so in this poster for Madrag Stores we made sure to present a product that would not go unnoticed. The color and style selected responds to the identity of the brand and also, as a communicative work, the poster allows you to understand what can be found in the store just by looking at it. This is the power of signage!
Its visual appeal contributes to the energy, freshness and vitality of a fashion and accessories store for women and girls. Installing this sign right above the door of the store helps to identify the establishment and reinforce the presence of the brand, which is in constant competition with other establishments in the Miami International Mall. In a dynamic commercial environment like that, attracting attention at first sight is essential.

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Laser CuttingSheet Metal Fabrication

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AcrilycStainless Steel

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