Blade sign for The Youth Fair
March, 2019

Blade sign for The Youth Fair

Each establishment or business taking part in a fair or exhibition competes with hundreds of others to attract the public, therefore, having an attractive sign is essential.


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Project description

The fairs test the effectiveness and quality of the design and manufacturing of the posters. An unattractive sign will not be successful, while a vibrant, personalized one will attract hundreds of curious people.

As in this project, Saul Signs can capture the essence of your business or service and bring it to a one-of-a-kind sign that sets you apart and leaves a lasting memory of your brand.

Blade signs take advantage of the available space and, being double-sided, have great visibility. We can create indoor or outdoor blade signs of any size and shape, that comply with local regulations and ensure a positive impact on your future customers.

Hired services





Processes Performed

Arc WeldingCNC MillingLaser CuttingPaintedPrinting VinylSheet Metal Fabrication

Used materials

AcrilycAluminiumDibondpaintingsPVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)Self adhesive vinyl

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