Lobby Signs

Lobby Signs

Posters That Convey a Great Welcome

First Impression Matters

The lobby of your business is the first point of contact for visitors. Lobby Signs are designed to convey a great welcome and create a lasting impression. Let us show you how these signs can improve the aesthetics of your lobby and strengthen your business’s brand from the first step.


“Lobby Signs,” or lobby signs, are indoor signage elements that are typically installed at the entrance or lobby of a building, business, hotel, office or any other location with the primary purpose of providing clear identification, improve the aesthetics of the space and reinforce the corporate image. These signs play an essential role in creating a welcoming and professional environment, while also conveying important information about the entity they occupy or the purpose of the location. The main function of “Lobby Signs” is to provide an impactful and positive first impression on visitors and customers. These signs usually incorporate the company name, logo, motto and other graphic elements that identify the entity and reinforce its brand image. The choice of materials and design adapts to the style and aesthetic of the organization, from modern acrylic signs to elegant brass plaques. These signs can also play a role in guiding people, indicating direction towards specific areas within the building, such as reception, conference rooms, lifts or individual departments. The location of the Lobby Signs in the lobby is carefully selected to ensure they are visible and accessible to visitors. In commercial and corporate environments, “Lobby Signs” help establish a professional and trusting atmosphere. They help visitors feel welcome and comfortable, while conveying the seriousness and quality of the company. In public facilities such as hotels and government buildings, these signs are essential for the identification and orientation of visitors. Choosing appropriate lighting, such as LED backlighting, can add an extra touch of elegance and highlight the sign effectively in low-light environments. Additionally, Lobby Signs can be designed to comply with accessibility and disability regulations, including braille and tactile characters for the visually impaired. In short, “Lobby Signs” are interior signage elements designed to identify, guide and enhance the image of a company, building or organization in its lobby. Its design and strategic location contribute to creating a welcoming and professional environment, while reinforcing the corporate identity and the initial impression of visitors.

Lobby Signs


Creating an Unforgettable Impression with 'Lobby Signs'

Lobby Signs” are key elements in creating an unforgettable impression in your lobby. By implementing them strategically, you can improve the aesthetics of your welcome space and strengthen your brand identity from the first moment.
Ready to enhance your lobby impression with “Lobby Signs”? Let us help you design and implement lobby signs that extend a warm welcome to your visitors and strengthen your brand identity. Contact us today to get started on your lobby signage project!

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