Frontlit Signs

Frontlit Signs

Highlight your Business with Front Illuminated Signs

Frontlit Signs: Lighting that Stands Out

Frontlit Signs are front-lit signs that effectively highlight your message. Let us show you how these illuminated signs are key elements of business signage.


“Frontlit Signs,” or front-lit signs, are signage elements designed with an illumination source placed on the front of the sign, so that the light shines directly on the visible content. These signs are widely used in advertising, commercial signage and business promotion, with the primary purpose of highlighting messages, logos and graphics effectively, especially during daylight hours or in well-lit environments. The primary function of Frontlit Signs is to attract public attention and ensure that the content on the sign is clearly visible and legible, even under daylight conditions. To achieve this, a lighting source, usually LEDs, is placed on the front of the sign so that the light is projected outward and onto the message or graphic design. This creates a sharp contrast between the sign content and the background, significantly improving visibility and visual impact. These signs are used in a variety of applications, from store signs and business signs to billboards, highway signs and event signage. Their versatility allows them to be customized with attractive graphic designs, brand logos, promotional information and any message you wish to convey effectively. Materials used for Frontlit Signs may vary depending on application and environment. Transparent materials, such as acrylic or glass, are common for the front surface of the sign, allowing light to spread evenly. LEDs are the preferred lighting source due to their energy efficiency, durability, and ability to produce a variety of colors and visual effects. The choice of colours, layout and lighting effects can be customized to create a unique visual appeal. “Frontlit Signs” are highly effective in highlighting a company’s identity, promoting products or services and capturing the attention of passersby. In short, “Frontlit Signs” are signage elements with a front-lit source designed to highlight messages, logos and graphics effectively, especially in daylight conditions or well-lit environments. Their versatility and customization capacity make them ideal for outdoor advertising, commercial signage and business promotion, helping to improve the visibility and visual impact of the information they transmit.

Frontlit Signs



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Highlight your Message with Style: 'Frontlit Signs'

Frontlit Signs are front lit signs that highlight your message brightly and effectively. By strategically adapting them to different functions, locations, placements, structures and projects, you can highlight your business with style.
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