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Frame Signs

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A frame sign is a type of sign that is framed or contained within a structural frame. This type of sign is often used in commercial settings and stands out for its elegant and professional appearance. The distinctive feature of a frame sign is its structural frame that surrounds and frames the sign area. This frame can be made of various materials, such as metal, wood, or plastic, and is used to highlight and protect the contents of the sign. The content of the sign within the frame is usually customized and may include text, graphics, logos, phone numbers, addresses, hours of operation, or any relevant information you wish to communicate. They are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit the specific signage needs of a business. They can be square, rectangular, circular or other custom shapes. It is important to know that an A frame is a common form of this type of poster, although it is not the only one, A-frames are also called sandwich signs.


Frame Signs are versatile, portable signage elements that use a frame or structure to display messages, advertisements, graphics or relevant information in an effective and eye-catching manner. These signs are ideal for use in commercial settings, events, trade shows, and anywhere temporary, customizable signage is required. The main function of “Frame Signs” is to communicate information or promote messages in a visually attractive way. These signs stand out for their ability to quickly change content, making them suitable for temporary promotions, special offers, or specific events. “Frame Signs” consist of a frame structure that can be made of various materials, such as metal, plastic or wood. This frame holds a panel or canvas that displays the content of the signage. Design versatility is a key feature of these signs, as the panel can be easily replaced to reflect new messages or graphics. These signs can take a variety of shapes and sizes, from free-standing signs, chalk boards, changing graphics frames, to roll-up banners. Some Frame Signs also incorporate interactive features, such as booklet holders, writing areas, or dry erase surfaces. Frame Signs are known for their portability and ease of installation. They can be placed on sidewalks, store entrances, outdoor events, or anywhere you want to attract the public’s attention. Its ability to quickly change content allows companies to adapt to changing marketing and communication needs. Personalization is a significant advantage of Frame Signs. Businesses can print custom graphics, logos, promotional messages or specific information on the panels or canvases of these signs. This allows them to reflect their brand identity and promote products or services effectively. In short, Frame Signs are versatile, portable signage elements that use frame structures to display content effectively and eye-catchingly. Its main function is to communicate information or promote messages in a temporary and customizable manner. These signs are ideal for temporary promotions, specific events, or signage needs that require frequent content changes. Their versatile design and ability to adapt make them a valuable tool for marketing and visual communication for businesses and events.

Frame Signs


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As a leading signage manufacturer, Saul Signs can quickly provide you with a wide variety of frame and a-frame signs to choose from. We are ready to implement your ideas and turn them into posters that will transform the way your business communicates and stands out in the market. We offer a wide range of styles and designs for you to choose from. Whether you want a classic and elegant frame sign or something more modern and eye-catching, we are ready to make it happen and we will also make sure to install the signs you create. We manufacture quality portable a-frames made of durable materials, so you can use them in various indoor or outdoor environments and even take them to fairs or temporary events important to your business.
Ready to highlight your message with “Frame Signs”? Let us help you design and implement custom frames and panels that communicate your message with style. Contact us today to start your business signage project!

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