Blade Signs

Blade Signs

Posters that Attract Eyes from All Angles

Sword Posters: Standing Out in Any Direction

Blade Signs are a unique form of signage that attracts the attention of passersby from multiple directions. They are designed to highlight your business with distinctive style. Let us show you how these signs can make your business impossible to ignore.


“Blade Signs,” also known as sheet signs or perpendicular signs, are signage elements that are mounted on poles or vertical structures perpendicular to the facade of a building or the direction of traffic flow. These signs are easily visible from the street or sidewalk, and their design is characterized by their perpendicular orientation, making them ideal for directing the attention of pedestrians and drivers to a specific business or location. The primary function of Blade Signs is to provide orientation, identification and advertising in urban and commercial environments. These signs are used to indicate the location of a business, guide pedestrians to entrances or exits, advertise products or services, and strengthen a brand’s presence in a busy area. Blade Signs can be made from a variety of materials, such as metal, wood, acrylic, plastic or even fabric, and can be customized in terms of design, size and shape. Some Blade Signs are illuminated to improve visibility in low light conditions or at night. ing potential customers to specific businesses and locations. In summary, “Blade Signs” are signage elements oriented perpendicular to a facade or traffic direction that play an important role in orientation, identification and promotion in urban and commercial environments. Their visibility from a distance and their strategic location make them an effective tool for directing attention and attracting potential customers to specific businesses and locations.

Blade Signs


Standing out in Style with 'Blade Signs'

Blade Signs are signs that attract attention from all angles and add a distinctive touch to your business. By implementing them strategically, you can stand out your business and attract more customers.
Ready to stand out in style with “Blade Signs”? Let us help you design and implement sword signs that attract attention and enhance the identity of your business. Contact us today to start your signage project with distinctive style!

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