We will design the sign you really need, one that truly makes a difference.

Professional design to ensure visual impact

Signs are one of the most powerful advertising tools and also an essential part of modern society. With this in mind, the challenge is to design impressive, inspirational signs capable of communicating your message effectively. Saul Signs is a leading company with over 40 years of experience in the design of signs for Miami and Florida. We use industry leading software to create tailored designs that will help your business project a fully professional image. Different from what some believe it is not just about having a huge sign outside your business. It also needs to be creative, well elaborated and striking. What you need is a sign capable of reinforcing your brand and impressing people passing by. Our graphic designers handle projects for all types of companies, businesses or institutions. We work with big brands and also with new entrepreneurs. We make no distinction, when we take on a project we go all in, all the way, to create design solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients.

How will we design your sign?

We will talk with you to understand what you truly need
In the first step of our Sign Design service, we take the time to engage in a conversation with you. We aim to thoroughly understand what you truly need. Through open and collaborative dialogue, we explore your goals, ideas, and preferences. This allows us to establish a solid foundation for creating signage designs that perfectly align with your specific requirements.
We will analyze your audience
In the second step of our process, we dive into your audience's world. We conduct a detailed analysis to comprehend who your recipients are and what message you want to convey to them. This audience-centric approach helps us tailor the signage design to ensure it effectively resonates with your target demographic.
We will focus on the message and the elements that cannot be missing
In the third step, we channel our attention towards the message you wish to communicate and the elements that must not be overlooked in your signage. From critical information to visual details that reinforce your brand, we meticulously handle every aspect to ensure that your message is clear, consistent, and memorable.
The colors, shapes and fonts will be carefully selected to ensure that the final result even exceeds your expectations
The fourth step is where we breathe life into your design. Our experts immerse themselves in the color palette, shapes, and fonts available, carefully selecting those that align with your brand identity and objectives. We strive to exceed your expectations, ensuring that every detail reflects your vision in a striking manner.
We will get down to work
In the final step of our Sign Design process, we roll up our sleeves and get to work. Our talented team of designers and manufacturers works diligently to transform your ideas into tangible and appealing signage. Every detail is executed with precision, and we make sure the final result surpasses even your expectations, delivering signage that stands out and effectively communicates your message.
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Some of your favorite signs in the city have been designed by us!

Some examples of how our designs reinforce brands and beautify the image of the community

We create unique signs that stand out, signs that sell

We believe in sign design as a way to leave a lasting impression in the mind of your audience. Our team will transform your ideas into a creative language so that the final result is the sign you really need. Each sign is unique and tells its own story. Whether you’re about to launch a product, promote events, spread an important message or revamp your company’s signage, our team is here to bring your vision to life in the most vibrant way. We work without unnecessary delays. No matter how tight the deadline, you can trust us to deliver a top-quality sign and excellence in every detail.
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