Hanging Signs

Medium blade sign

…are a type of signage that is suspended from a structure or support, typically overhead. These signs can be found in various settings, including businesses, events, and public spaces. Hanging signs are often used for branding, advertising, or providing directional information. They can be made of various materials such as wood, metal, plastic, or fabric and can be customized to display logos, messages, or graphics. Hanging signs can help attract attention and guide people to specific areas or businesses within a larger space. They are commonly seen in retail stores, trade shows, restaurants, and outdoor events.

Billboard Signs

exterior illuminated billboard sign

…often referred to simply as billboards, are large outdoor advertising structures typically found along highways, major roads, and in urban areas. These signs are typically rectangular in shape and are used for displaying advertisements, public service announcements, or other promotional content. Billboards are highly visible and are designed to capture the attention of passing motorists and pedestrians.

Pole Signs

Exterior pole sign with display

…on the other hand, are typically simpler and shorter signs supported by a single or multiple poles or columns. They are often used for advertising and business identification, especially along roadsides or highways. Pole signs are usually less massive and have a more straightforward design compared to pylon signs. They may display business names, logos, or promotional messages, but their height and structure are generally more modest.

Pylon Signs

Pylon sign in strip mall

…are tall, freestanding structures often characterized by a large, prominent support structure or pylon, which is usually a single vertical pillar or a pair of pillars. These signs are typically used for business identification, advertising, or to mark the entrance to commercial properties. Pylon signs are visible from a distance and can display business names, logos, tenant listings, and other information. They are commonly seen in shopping centers, gas stations, and along highways.

Totem Signs

Totem sign with display in a street

…also known as monument signs or gateway signs, are large, vertical structures that are typically placed at entrances to properties, business complexes, or along roadways. These signs are designed to make a significant visual impact and often serve as a prominent means of identification and branding. Totem signs can display business names, logos, directions, or other essential information and are commonly used to mark the entry points to commercial developments, hotels, resorts, and other properties.

Monument Signs

Advertising in exterior monument sign

…are large, permanent, ground-level signs typically constructed with durable materials such as stone, brick, concrete, or metal. These signs are often placed at the entrance of businesses, neighborhoods, or institutions and serve as a distinctive and long-lasting means of identification and branding. Monument signs can display business names, logos, addresses, and other important information, making them a prominent and aesthetically pleasing element of outdoor signage.

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